A progressive small town living the Good Life in Nebraska
Chambers is located in the north central part of Nebraska and in the southern part of Holt County. Like many other small communities, its beginnings are a rich blend of history that is the hallmark of the start of the great American west. Its heritage is mixed with much hard work from settlers who first made their claims in 1880-1881. Mr. George Echley and his son-in-law, Mr. John M. Alderson filed their claims near the south fork of the Elkhorn River. From there numerous claims were filed, thus, a new era of history was underway in southern Holt County.

Chambers originally was to be named "Juanita", the name of the youngest daughter of Mr. Rufus C. Wry who had recently filed a claim three miles south east of the Alderson claim. However, that name was already being used by another post office in the state. So another name was chosen by the postmaster of the Frontier post office in O'Neill. Mr. W.D. Matthews chose the name in honor of his friend, Mr. V.F. Chambers. Mr Chambers was the registrar of the Land Office in Niobrara.

Mr. Wry graciously donated land for the town and by the end of 1883, the town included several more businesses and settlers, hence, Chambers, Nebraska was born. The small community continued to grow with the addition of several churches of all denominations and an event named the "Harvest Home Festival", which later would become the Holt County Fair. The Chambers School was also developing into a very respectable institution with the addition of the high school during WWI, thanks to the Works Progress Administrations help in the 1930's. It has since continued to be the spirit of the town and is still enthusiastically supported by all who live here today.

One of the most important claims to fame for the community was its association with the great flying machine advent in the 1930's. With the return of the young veterans from the war and a young flight instructor from Iowa who was enamored with the wonderful open spaces, Chambers had its very own airport. In fact, Chambers had more airplanes, per capita, than any other town or city in the world for that time.

Chambers continues to be a town of hard working ranch and farm folks that enbraces every chance that comes along to continue to improve and advance its community. So welcome to our little corner of Nebraska.

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